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Common Questions

Can I get an estimate over the phone or via email?

Because every job is different, we need to meet in person, take measurements, and understand your full expectations before preparing a house painting estimate. So much of the job is ultimately in the details, and because we’re so thorough, we’re afraid we’d miss some things if we just spoke over the phone or gave you a ballpark figure. It’s a relatively painless process that typically takes between 60-90 minutes from beginning to end.

Will the painters clean up after themselves?

Most painting projects do, in fact, get a little messy. We understand the inconvenience it’s causing you, with your furniture moved, drop cloths, and plastic hanging all over, etc. We do our very best to minimize the disruption to your everyday life, and get out of there as quickly as possible. We have a motto, “Always leave a job site better than you found it.” We’re fanatics about cleaning up after ourselves everyday we’re on site, and especially when we’re all done. We want you to start enjoying your newly transformed space right away.

What brands and types of paint do you use? How is it selected?

We really like working with national, well known brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Often in the painting industry – you get what you pay for. We put a lot of effort into the preparation and application of the paint, so we want to make sure that it’s going to last. Selection depends usually on each project. We have some customers who prefer a certain brand and we’ll accommodate that request. Sometimes one manufacturer simply makes a better product for your situation so we’ll use the best fit. We will discuss product recommendations during the proposal process.

What are the differences between latex and oil paint?

Typically latex or acrylic coatings are water-based, lower odor, dry faster, are more flexible and color-fade resistant. Alkyd or oil paints on the other hand, tend to dry slower, level a bit nicer (less brush marks), dry really hard, are more moisture resistant, but only clean up with mineral spirits. Each has their best scenarios for use, but again, we’re using acrylic products about 99% of the time now.


Does someone have to be home while the painting is done?

While you don’t need to be home during the process, it is helpful for someone to be there when we get things started, and of course it’s required for someone to be there when we’re done. That final walk-through and making sure we’ve exceeded your expectations is a very important step.

Do you provide help with color selection?

Absolutely. Color is by and large a very personal decision, and sometimes color can be very subjective. What we might like, might not be your taste, and vice versa. But we’re very experienced in helping guide our customers to the right family of colors and thinking through all the factors that can change how this color might look like after it’s applied. Things like lighting, flooring, cabinets, and furniture can all effect that color and how it looks in your home.